Console Diana Medium, cheap antique indoor console table mahogany

Of course you don’t want to see your stuff falling apart. Therefore we recommend that you have one of our superior products. We are happy to offer you CONSOL DIANA MEDIUM. This product is made using quality solid mahogany wood from selected plantations. We have also carried out standardized tests to ensure the durability and durability of this product. This product is designed in a classic European antique style. This product also has 4 small drawers and 1 large drawer. This makes it possible to store your belongings. Then what is unique about this product is that this product can be opened on the top surface. This product is perfect for completing your room. This product is completely done by our professional craftsmen. For more information, please contact us.

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PRODUCT NAME : Console Diana Medium
COLOR : Walnut
M.O.Q : 1×20 Ft Container Mixed Other items
PAYMENT : tt/paypal/Western Union